"The name is... Cuddly, Teddy Cuddly, licence to help people." 

Teddy is a great anti-bullying spy but then this new kind of bullying called cyber bullying comes along and he hasn't got a clue. Your students help Teddy deal with a few cases, including stopping the Bond obsessed, panto dame- Ima Mann, and through helping him, learn more themselves. 

The age old tale of the Tortoise and the Hare but this time they are racing through a more urban landscape. The hare is still in a hurry but the Tortoise is a bit more methodical, throw in a puppet vulture who doesn't really have their best interests at heart and that's our road safety show! 


Name: The Tortoise & the Hare

Issue:Road Safety

Year: KS1

Key Stage 1 and 2

Name: Cyber Attacks

Issue:E-safety and cyber bullying

Year: KS2