Through 7 'Snapshots' of different unhealthy relationships, book-ended by two mime characters who are struggling with their own, comedic, relationship, we see what is not okay in a healthy relationship. Trust, Wait until it's right, communication, Controlling, emotional blackmail, and not getting carried away with the excitement at the start are some of the issues we see.

"It's my life I can take my own chances, it doesn't effect anyone else." One of the most common attitudes to drugs from young people.  Adam is found unconscious with a suspected overdose, through flashbacks, triggered by the doctors trying to find someone to ID him, we see exactly who it effects and how.

Jack loves Becky, Becky fancies Simon but Simon loves himself and treats women like dirt. Who will end up with who? and what will they end up with?

Our bestselling and longest running show takes a serious look at relationships and sexual health.

Stacey is trouble, Tom knows it but Kev thinks she's the best thing ever and drinks to impress her... Kev is not impressive drunk, no-one is... but especially not Kev.

A look at peer pressure and the dangers of alcohol through a fun romp right until the end.


Name: Skin Deep

Issue:Sexual Health

Year: 9

Name: No Limits

Issue: Alcohol Awareness

Year: 7/8

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Name: Chain Reactions

Issue: Drug awareness

Year: 10/11

Name: Snapshots

Issue: Healthy Relationships

Year: 10/11

When one of the actors quits the painfully patronising T.I.E show, the troupe decide to improvise around a diary of someone who was bullied. All the parts are gender neutral, all the actors play all the parts and no-one should ever say he or she!

A serious issue presented in a fun but ultimately powerful way.


Issue: Anti-bullying and self esteem 

Year: 7/8