Sensible is, well, sensible and her parents have decided it is time for her to walk to school on her own. "With Friends!" Yes of course with friends. So with the help of her friends Silly and Rushy she must complete a set of challenges to prove that she is ready for this next step of independence. A fun and interactive show, originally written to be performed by members of the JTA at All Saint's Inter-Church Academy, March, Cambs. 

As well as coming into schools and performing, we are now very excited to be able to offer scripts that your students or teachers can perform for the school. If you have any questions about any of these, or there is something specific you would like then please do get in touch.

Name: The Great Adventure to School

Issue: Walking to school safely.

Year: KS1 & 2

Cast size: 4-6

Running time: 20 Mins approx

Cost of licence per performance: £30+VAT

The play was a fantastic idea.  It was written in such a way that the children were able to rehearse and adapt to meet their needs and as it was written with children in mind, the whole school were able to understand the information it contained.  The play was funny, had audience participation and was easy to follow. I would highly recommend other school getting involved and promoting this important message.


Andrea Kyne

JTA Co-ordinator

All Saints Inter-Church Academy